About Us

Monthly Meeting

The Salt City Brew Club (SCBC) is an organization of Home Brewers and beer aficionados in the general Syracuse area. The purpose of the club is to share ideas, recipes, techniques, and stories all in the effort of helping each member in brewing his or her own best beer.


The club normally meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.

Please check out our Facebook page for more details or reach out to one of our officers

Each meeting is broken down into three parts:

1. The Lecture/Discussion

The speaker for the month will hold a discourse on a pre-selected topic of general brewing interest. Varying each month, we cover everything from technique, to equipment, to beer styles. The forum is then opened for anyone to add to the discussion, or share their own points of view.

2. The Style of the Month

Each month we highlight a specific beer style. While some brewers take style guidelines as a general “rule of thumb,” other take them very seriously. A general overview of the style, its characteristics, and popular commercial examples leads directly into the third and last portion of the meeting…

3. The Tasting

The style highlight inevitably leads to the tasting. Several commercials and/or home brewed examples are gathered by volunteers, and used to experience the style in its intended way – consumption! Monthly tastings are $5 for visitors.


Dues are $45 a year or $75 for two adults in the same home (spouse, significant other, child 21+, roommate, etc). That entitles you to a monthly newsletter, a discount at the local homebrew shops (5%-10%, depending on the shop), our monthly meeting tastings, club functions and events and other functions. If you are interested in finding out about us, come down to a club meeting and see what we’re about. You can join at the meeting if you are interested.


As part of the Incorporation of Salt City Brew Club, the bylaws were adjusted and amended.